VOLUME 2 NO. 6 , 2018


Dimensional changes in the sinus membrane following maxillary sinus augmentation
Yaniv Mayer / Anat Ben-Dor / Hadar Zigdon-Giladi / Zvi Gutmacher

Dimensional changes in the sinus membrane following maxillary sinus augmentation

Objective: The aim of this retrospective study wasto measure the sinus membrane’s dimensional changes following maxillary sinusaugmentation via a lateral approach, and to examine the variables affectingchanges in the membrane’s thickness. Method and Materials: Sixty-six sinusescorresponding to 50 patients (15 males and 35 females) who underwent lateralwall maxillary sinus augmentation (34 unilateral and 16 bilateral) wereretrospectively evaluated. The sinus membrane thickness was measured oncross-sectional cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans which were performedprior to and 9 to 11 months’ post maxillary sinus augmentation. The Wilcoxonsigned-rank test and the Mann Whitney U test were both used to compare betweenbaseline and postoperative sinus membrane thickness. Pearson correlation testswere used to analyze correlations between graft height and sinus membranethickness changes. Results:The mean age was 53 ± 4 years (45 to 71years). A total of 132 CBCT scans were analyzed pre- and postoperatively(n = 66). The mean thickness of the sinus membrane before the procedure was2.61 ± 3.61 mm, while the mean thickness of themembrane after the procedure was 2.94 ± 3.51 (P >.20). Thin membranes at baseline (< 1.56 mm) thickened by a mean of 2.21 ± 2.34 mm, range -0.413 to 10.62 mm, (P <.0001); thicker membranes (= 1.56 mm) lost 1.46 ± 3.96 mmthickness, range -7.8 to 9.31 mm (P < .0001). A moderatenegative correlation between the baseline membrane thickness and change inthickness was observed (P < .0001, r = -.52). No correlation was foundbetween the graft height and changes in the sinus membrane thickness. Conclusion: Lateralwall maxillary sinus augmentation seems to affect the sinus membrane thickness.These changes are associated with the preoperative thickness of the membrane.