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Combined endo-restorative treatment of a traumatized central incisor: A five-year follow-up

Teeth with altered size and shape, incisal wear, andinadequate position affect the smile and dentofacial harmony. The aim of thisarticle was to describe a simple and safe protocol for an additive techniquewith composite resin and cosmetic enameloplasty to improve a patientssmile. A 24-year-old man complained about the appearance of his smile regardingcolor, shape, and position of the maxillary anterior teeth. Relevant dentalhistory included previous orthodontic treatment with inadequate completion. Theclinical examination revealed a disharmony of the smile caused by size andshape alterations of the incisors, a white spot on the right central incisor,incisal wear of the canines, and uneven incisal edges between the maxillaryanterior teeth. Treatment with direct composite restoration and enameloplastywas performed in line with the current conservative approach in dentistry. Thepatient was recalled for 54 months. The use of appropriate techniques inenameloplasty allowed the desired outcome to be observed over the 54 months offollow-up. With this method, it is possible to perform future repair and/ormodification, and it may increase the longevity of the restoration. Estheticand functional results were achieved by careful planning and execution as wellas periodic recalls. This conservative approach is a useful alternative toconventional restorations, reducing invasive treatments, chairside time, andcosts.

Key words: composite resin, dental restoration failure,dental restoration repair, esthetics, longevity more

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